Welcome. I am Patrick Sherman Brathwaite, and I invite you to explore and discover my Image of Wide Scope through this blog. This blog is an interpersonal pathway of self discovery that  will inevitably be discovered, due to its very nature, by  simply navigating throughout it it.



What is it?

The idea of this blog has surfaced from learning and research done in Professor Ulmer’s Hypermedia class at the University of Florida.


I have given you references, however, that you may not understand. 

What is an Image of Wide Scope, and what is Hypermedia?

An Image of Wide Scope is something that we all have, but we are all not typically aware of. The Image is a result of those memories, those pictures, those moments, those nuances which we have that inevitably act as catalysts to our also inevitable vision, or our themata, and are distilled into our creative works.

These words — nuances, and themata, have come from research in two following contributing books to the process of this blog:

Fire in the Crucible: Understanding the Process of Creative Genius, by John Briggs,


 Worlds of Childhood, by William Zinsser.


Hypermedia  is exactly what you are seeing by navigating this blog. Hypermedia is using hypertext to provide links to audio-visual elements.


 In a way, our mind works like hypermedia — it takes audio-visual elements and links them in the purposes of our creations.

I invite you to journey through my blog.


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